In January 2016, we were awarded ArtsMark status by Arts Council England in recognition of our excellence in this area.  This is a prestigious award and follows a rigorous selection process.

We have therefore changed our admissions criteria to make it easier for those with a talent in the Performing Arts to gain places at the Elizabethan.  We can offer up to 17 on this basis if over-subscribed.

We invite applications for auditions in the summer term of Year 5, with auditions held in September.  Applicants are asked to perform a musical piece, a dance routine or a monologue or, alternatively, to present a portfolio of art or photography.  In addition, there is a short interview, where we assess applicants’ commitment to and passion for the Performing Arts.

As well as preferential treatment during the admissions process, we put some time and resources into mentoring successful applicants under our Gifted and Talented scheme to help them to develop their talents further and support theatre visits etc.  Therefore, it is worthwhile auditioning even if you feel that your child meets some of the other over-subscription criteria.

ArtsMark Application Form

Audition MonologuesAudition Monologues written and produced by Tara Meddaugh