Student Wins Praise in Positive Poster Competition

Academy Year 8 student had a sunny outlook when she took part in The Positive Teacher Company’s ‘design a positive poster competition.

The competition saw students from both primary and secondary schools across the UK taking part. It was Miss Helen McGill, Faculty Leader for Science who decided to roll the competition out to all Elizabethan students, to give them the opportunity to see their winning design in print.

The posters made it onto social media with lots of people tweeting and retweeting them across the Twittersphere.  However, it was Katie’s caption, ‘If you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine’ that caught the eye of Rachel, The Positive Teacher Company’s owner.  She chose Katie’s design as the winner because it sent a really positive message to everyone and now the company are using her caption as their new hashtag #bethesunshine.

Katie won an array of gifts including a copy of her own professionally printed poster. She said “I couldn’t believe it when they told me I’d won the competition I was in shock, but I’m so pleased and it’s lovely to see my poster in print.”

Academy Principal, Christine Horrocks said “I am delighted for Katie, her positive poster is a praiseworthy winner. I am so proud of our students and staff here at the Elizabethan, they are incredibly positive and enthusiastic not only about the school itself, but also about education. It is a privilege to work with so many inspirational young people and staff.”