Our Vision

Our core purpose is to prepare students for the next steps in their lives and equip them with the skills, qualifications and knowledge to become high achieving well-rounded individuals, thus enabling them to reach their potential and achieve their aspirations and goals.

Personal Development is critical for students’ current and future success: we support our students to develop confidence, self-discipline, flexibility and resilience through our curriculum, extra-curricular opportunities and our leadership programme.

We are an inclusive and diverse community that respects others’ differences and promotes understanding and tolerance of others’ beliefs. This is reflected in our broad and balanced curriculum which reflects students’ aspirations and future local, national and international career opportunities.

We expect excellence from all: from the staff who work here, from the students who learn here and from the parents who choose to send their children here.  In return we offer students and staff an innovative, progressive, challenging but supportive environment in which to thrive.

our Values