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Another excellent performance by The Elizabethan choir at Hodsock Priory

I have just returned from a wonderful afternoon at Hodsock Priory - an event in aid of Weston Park Cancer Charity. It was a real privilege to listen to the Opera North singers, Deborha Norman (soprano) and John Hudson (tenor) but the stars of the show were The Elizabethan Choir, and the Harworth Brass Band - featuring....several Elizabethan students, of course. They performed exceptionally well in front of a large crowd and I am ( again ) very proud of them and not at all biased!

Guys and Dolls

What a great pleasure it was to be part of the audience last night. The cast were well-rehearsed, the band were excellent and our students are very talented indeed. A fantastic show - well done everyone! 


Staff and students paid our respects this morning at 10am, on this very sad occasion. Our hearts went out to the family at this very painful time.

It was a lovely service at Ollerton Crematorium - very personal - with family members remembering a happy, smiling boy who loved football and his Xbox. The family called on all of the children present to look ahead and live their lives to the full.

The Liverpool theme, 'You'll Never Walk Alone' was a touching reminder to us that we are all part of a very supportive community.

Bassetlaw Citizenship Summer School

Well done to Beth, Lawson, Sam, Shannon, Kim, Zac, Maisie and Luke - the Yr11 students who earned their place on this year's summer school, organised by John Mann, MP. This is the 7th successive year for this excellent summer school which is packed with new experiences for students from 6 Bassetlaw schools who travelled to London at the weekend.

Comic Relief

Well done to all the students and staff who took part in fund raising for Comic Relief last Friday and for their work for other local and national charities. It was fantastic to see everyone engaged in working as The Elizabethan team to support others less fortunate. Activities, organised at break and lunchtime, included sponsored silence, painful leg waxing, car washing, guess the weight of the jar and how many fish I will catch.....and even a 'Bush tucker trial' style, blind-tasting of a range of foods!

Learning is fun!

There is always a lot going on at The Elizabethan and learning is fun. Yesterday I joined a Yr7 drama group and we were a large ship being wrecked by a huge storm ....the students were so focused on creating this very dramatic scene and I am reminded that we have a fantastic Expressive Arts team at The Elizabethan.

Today, GCSE students were busy filming their productions for their exam pieces and, after school, a number of students were busy taking photographs along the corridors for one of their creative projects.

Visit by The Director, Anthony May.

Visit by The Director, Anthony May.

On Thursday, Nottinghamshire’s Director for Children’s Services paid a special visit to The Elizabethan. He had asked Mrs Kenworthy to show him around the Academy, as he wanted to know what had led to our success in recent years. He spent the afternoon talking to the students about what they feel is so special about their school. They talked enthusiastically about the student leadership programme and how the teachers and support staff make them feel individual and special.

Excellent start to the new half term

Welcome back everyone. Students have all made an excellent start today. The new tutor groups are already working well, with students beginning to establish leadership roles within their 'team': School Council reps ; Sports Leaders ; Charity Leaders ; Literacy Leaders ; Environment Leaders as well as Leaders for all curriculum areas. In tutor period, students have been preparing to share ' Something Interesting About Me' so that groups can get to know each other quickly.

Awards evening

What a wonderful evening we had on Thursday, celebrating the achievements of many young people. Year Heads commented on each child's talents as the students accepted their award with pride.  I am delighted that so many of last year's Yr11 have stayed with us to study in the sixth form and that all of our Post-16 students who applied to university were successful in obtaining a place of their choice.


In response to requests from students and parents last year, we have reduced the lunch queues by releasing Yr7s early for lunch during the first two weeks of from students and from the lunchtime staff suggests that this has worked very well. The new students are settling in and now know the system. For the next week, we will release them 5 mins early to give them priority.