Asian Culture Day

Chinese Lions

On Thursday 11th October, Year 5 students from our family of primary schools visited the Elizabethan for a day of cultural celebration. This year’s theme was Asian culture.

Workshops featured Bollywood dance, Indian Textiles, Chinese cooking, Lion dancing and Kung Fu.

In the Bollywood session, students dressed in Indian clothing and danced to music in the traditional Hindi style, made popular by the musicals. In the textiles session the students painted and collaged a wall hanging, which will be shortly be on display in the Elizabethan.

Chinese lion dancing involved students wearing the lion head costume, (often seen at New Year festivals), whilst other students kept the  rhythm by beating  a giant drum. This workshop also included an introductory session, on the self-defence aspect of the martial art, Kung Fu. Students wishing to find out more about this and similar  activities may visit the website,

In the cookery session, chefs from the Ocean Pearl in Worksop, taught students how to make their own spring rolls. The chefs then cooked a meal of the students’ choice, which they then had to eat using their newly acquired skill of handling chop sticks.