Black Belt First Dan

Congratulations and well done to Rhio Blinston whom has recently graduated to Black Belt First Dan.

She has been training at the Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy for approximately six years under the supervision and guidance of Master Andrew Blinston whom has 30 years of Korean martial arts experience.

Rhio whom is 12 years old, lives in East Markham and is in year eight at The Elizabethan High School decided to get involved in the martial arts at the age of six, when she saw children of her own age learning martial arts skills, becoming confident and having fun.  With the support from her mother Rachel Blinston, co-owner, and her father Andrew Blinston, the Chief Instructor, Rhio has been continuously put through her paces over the last several years.

Rhio has been training constantly for six years in an advanced training program called Leadership Training and then has progressed in the last three years into Instructor Training.  Within her training she has attended classes two to three times a week both at the Doncaster and Retford Academies, assisted in demonstration events, charity and fundraising events, participated in many specialised seminars and maintained a professional role within the Academies.  She has shown amazing dedication and perseverance to her training, her Master Instructor and to all at the Academy, she is set to go far.

Rhio was awarded her Black Belt by Master Blinston, after a three-hour graduation in the presence of students, family and guests.