EHS goes bananas

On Monday 5th March, year 7 humanities students experienced first hand the benefits of purchasing fairtrade goods.
Moses Rene, a fairtrade banana grower from St Lucia visited the school to give the students a presentation about his life and work, and answer their many questions. It was a fantastic opportunity for the students who thoroughly enjoyed his visit.

"Moses Rene was very educational and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I learned that fair trade gives a little extra money to the farmers that grow the products. I would recommend people to buy fair-trade products to help the farmers who have grown them" (Josh Charters 7E)

"I thought that the visit from Moses was a really good experience. I really enjoyed it because I learned a lot about his culture and about what he does best. I am going to encourage my friends and family to buy fair-trade because of all the hard work they have to go to". (Bethany Smith 7I)