The Elizabethan Remembers

The Elizabethan Academy has been paying its own respects to those who laid down their lives in battle this week.

On Saturday, the Academy Choir sang at a Concert of Remembrance at the Town Hall.  They performed a number of songs before leading a wartime sing-a-long of favourites, such as ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ and ‘We’ll meet again’.  British Legion representative Ann Hickman described their singing as "absolutely beautiful".

The Academy was represented at Sunday's Service of Remembrance by Acting Principal Jason White and Team Ambassadors Hannah Crossland and Maddy Osbourne, the first time that The Elizabethan has taken part in the event.  "I was very proud to represent our students at the War Memorial in this of all years," Mr White told us.  "It is only right that we pay tribute to the people of Retford who sacrificed so much for us."

The Elizabethan will also be represented at events in town on Tuesday, when members of the History Club, under the leadership of Miss Swift, will be presenting their research on some of those who gave their lives in the First World War.  "It is very easy to read the list of names and forget that each of these was someone's father, someone's brother or someone's son," Mr White said.  "I am really pleased that our students are doing something to keep their memories alive."

At the same time, the Academy has re-organised the school day so that students are able to join the rest of the nation in observing a two-minute silence in tutor period at 11.00.