Holy Hoax - BBC School Report 2016

Sly Priest Performs Holy Hoax

Journalists: Charlotte, Noah and Callum

 Reverend Sam King, perfoms holy hoax on the streets of Reading.  He went into the open dressed in his work clothes and asked several random people for their phones for a sical experiment.  For the second part of the experiment he dressed as a homeless man to see their reaction when he asked them for thier phones.

When he was in his work clothes most people gave him permission to use their phones.  On the other hand, when he was dressed as a homeless man most people told him to leave them alone.  He did this because he wanted to see  if people would give him their phones what ever he looked like.

We interviewed various people from several primary schools to see their reactions to this social experiment.

Denise said "I would give it to the vicar but not a homelss person.  I trust a vicar but I don't trust a homeless man".

Jacob agreed with her and gave extremely similar answers those in Reading.

This was a social experiment to see if people would react the way they did.  Don't judge a book by its cover.