NHS Nottinghamshire to Year 11's

Dear All,

It has come to our attention due to the lack of consent forms which we are receiving for the Year 11's Meningitis ACWY, the possibly pupils are disposing of the consent packs as they believe they have already recieved their Meningitis Vaccination with school last year.

Public Health England recommends those who have already received a MenC vaccine over the age of ten years should still be offered the MenACWY vaccine as part of the catch up programme to ensure protection against additional groups of A,W and Y. Is there any way this message could be cascaded out to all parents/carers/guardians on your school website or via back to school ASAP? This will ensure minimal disruption within school when vaccinating and to also prevent multiple and unnecessary vaccination sessions.

Parents can email the imminisation team directly of they require a consent pack sending out or if they have any questions regarding the vaccination.

The immunisation email address is