Northern Ballet comes to The Elizabethan…

Dance students at The Elizabethan experience ballet first hand, before being blown away by The Northern Ballet’s performance of Madame Butterfly at ‘CAST’ in Doncaster. 

On the afternoon of their visit Mrs Cowan, Head of Dance, organised a workshop at the academy, led by Sam Carruthers of Northern Ballet.   The students got to experience ballet through a range of exercises and dance techniques, with a focus on Madame Butterfly.

Sam said “all the students took part in the different exercises showing an openness to learning new ideas.  They all demonstrated great ideas, clear characterisation, whilst also capturing a fun quality in their movement.  I have had a wonderful day working at the Elizabethan Academy, not only were the students wonderful to teach, but the staff were also brilliant to work with too!”

Year 10 student, Jaymee Cobb said “I expected the workshop to just be about ballet, but Sam who ran the workshop was very reassuring and made the whole experience fun for everyone.  From the warm up to learning moves from the sailor scene, it was all very energetic and creative and made us think on our feet!  Finally seeing the performance of Madame Butterfly, which I expected to be very complicated, was so beautiful, easy to follow and understand.  Every movement the ballet dancers performed was so precise and portrayed the story with such emotion, you could actually feel it.  I have to admit it made me cry, but I wouldn’t hesitate to see it again.”