Pollution to Hit UK - BBC School Report 2016

Pollution Problems

Journalists: Sam and Denise.

Pollution Problem

Warning!  High air pollution is occuring across the UK!

The elderly and those with lung problems have been told to avoid doing heavy excercise outside.   In some places it is 10 out of 10 on pollution.

Car fumes are also causing pollution.  Six regions hit a level of pollution up to level nine.  Dust from the Sahara desert has been blowing pollution into the uk.  This is mostly going to hit London and Eastern England.

Pollution has also occured in parts of India and it is also the same reason as road pollution.  The pollution will be brief and levels will drop back down by Saturday.  Yong students at the Ghandi Memorial Public School in Delhi, India have been investiagint the effects of bad air pollution in their city and the health of children.