Sheep Stampede - BBC School Report

Fleeing sheep crushed to death from scare by dog

Journalist: Josh


On Monday 7 March 2016, farmer Gordan Wyeth, 50, was “heartbroken” to find 116 of his sheep with broken necks or backs after a loose dog scared them into a stampede.  Two sheep survived the stampede, but one was so badly injured that the vet had to put it down.



There were no witnesses but police are all but 100% certain that it was a dog.  They believe it chased the sheep to the edge of the field in the West Dean Estate in West Sussex.


Mr Wyeth has suffered five attacks in the last year.  Farmers can legally shoot the dogs if they’re attacking the farmer’s livestock.


Many of the sheep, worth £17,000, wold have been in lamb at the time, maybe holding two lambs.


Dog walkers have been urged to keep their dogs on their leads.


Mr Wyeth said “it was absolutely heart breaking.  I’ve never seen anything like that in my 35 years running this business.”