Stand Against Bullying

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Our mission at the Elizabethan Academy is to…

discover and develop the talents of all the young people and adults, who work together to make the academy a vibrant learning environment, in which everyone can realise their ambitions.

We value all our students in the academy by…

  • Providing opportunities for you to experience success and strive for excellence
  • Encouraging you to place a value on yourself and your achievements thus raising your self esteem
  • Expecting each of you to take responsibility for contributing to the quality of academy life for your own and others’ fulfilment
  • Attaching high importance to trust, respect and a concern for the rights and needs of others

With this in mind our academy pledges to…

  • Raise awareness of the short and long term effects of bullying
  • Encourage each other to challenge bullying wherever it happens
  • Ensure everyone feels confident to participate without bullying or intimidation 
  • Encourage students to take the lead in preventing bullying
  • Actively support those who may have been affected by bullying
  • Expect all of us to send the clear message that…

A group of students and staff produced our definition of bullying which is…

Behaviour by a person or group, usually repeated over time, that deliberately hurts another person or group, either in the real world or digital world.

We believe that bullying and harassment can be…

  • Physical – hitting, pushing, taking someone’s belongings
  • Prejudice-based – related to special educational need, gender, race, religious belief, sexuality, disability
  • Verbal – name calling, use of discriminatory and derogatory language including being unkind to disabled people, using racist and homophobic language
  • Cyber/indirect – spreading rumours, sending abusive texts/emails, excluding someone from a group

How to support your friend in this position…

  • Comfort and support your friend
  • Stay with your friend
  • Tell someone what you have seen or been told
  • Encourage your friend to report the incident
Together at The Elizabethan Academy our students have made a ‘stand against bullying’ to demonstrate our clear anti-bullying ethos…

Report the bullying

  • Tell someone you trust – a friend, someone at home, adult in school.  This may be enough to help you find a solution
  • We take the problem seriously and with your agreement investigate the incident by:
    • Interviewing victims and bullies separately
    • Interviewing any witnesses
    • Decide on appropriate action
    • Hold follow up meetings to report progress
    • Inform staff as necessary about incident and action taken
    • Keep a written record of incident, interviews and actions

Please remember it is everyone’s responsibility to report bullying! If you are a victim, have witnessed acts of unkindness against other students or need support to stop bullying, you may report the incident here

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For further advice and guidance about the issues surrounding bullying we have provided links to the following websites: