Students in Team Winston meet Professor Lord Winston

On Tuesday 1st April, Professor Lord Winston visited The Elizabethan Academy and met students from Team Winston. He arrived at 11am and was greeted by the Winston Team Ambassadors Meike Tomlinson and Shaun Hird, along with Winston form reps – Molly, Alex, Russell, Connor, Georgia, Cavan, Mrs Kenworthy, Mr Winwright and Cllr Ian Campbell.

Professor Lord Winston was then taken to the conference room where he spoke to Meike and Shaun about their future school and career plans. He was then introduced to all the students and form tutors (please a few extra staff!!!) and asked a series of questions which had been generated from each of the form groups.  A snippet of the questions and answers are given below:

What was your greatest achievement?

-         ‘Having my three children’

Do you consider yourself a celebrity?

-         ‘No,  in science it is all about collaborating in teams and so all the work I have done has been a team effort – I have been asked to appear on Strictly Come Dancing three times but I’ve said no, even though they pay well and I could get fit!’

Following the assembly, he was escorted by Meike and Shaun to the science department, where he interacted with a number of students from Yr 8, Yr10, Yr 11 and Yr 12/13. He observed a number of different practical’s from Hookes law(yr11), pollution and carbon dioxide(Yr8) , phytomining(Yr10) to  the effect of intracellular ion concentrations on model plant cells (P16 assessed practical).

Speaking to the students involved in the day – they are quoted as saying; ‘it was amazing’, ‘he was so inspiring’, ‘I’m thinking of studying science in the future now’.

It was a truly memorable experience for staff and students involved and has promoted our Team and the work we do in science. 

Team Winston’s next focus is to raise money to support Professor Lord Winston’s charity – the Genesis research Trust. We have already started discussing the events that we could do to help raise funds.