UK Junior Maths Challenge

Our junior results have just arrived and we have some great news to share.  This maths challenge is open to year 8 students but this year we also entered some year 7students as they show so much potential.

<--break->Ranking in the top 10% nationally and receiving a gold award we have:

  • Sam Farrington - y8
  • Conall Doughtyy - y8
  • Mary Wheatley - y8
  • Sam Walker - y7 (beating everyone in his year group and the majority of year 8!)

Ranking in the top 20% nationally with a silver award we have:

  • Isobel Townsley- y8
  • Dominic Drouhot- y8
  • Elizabeth English- y8
  • Paige Clayton- y8
  • Blake Sanderson- y8
  • Eloise Walker- y8
  • Tasmin Bendell- y8
  • Megan Wood- y8
  • Lee Basil- y8
  • Amy White- y8
  • Erin Page- y7
  • Katrina Farrell- y7
  • James Mooney- y7
  • Joe Cook- y7
  • Freya Craig- y7

Ranking in the top 40% nationally with a bronze award we have:

  • Jack Rust- y8
  • Meg Hunt- y8
  • Joshua Holland- y8
  • James Black- y8
  • Sheldon Mccall- y8
  • Claire Rogers- y8
  • Samuel Wickens- y8
  • Reece Martin - y7
  • Olivia Crossland- y7
  • Kirrily Wells- y7
  • Wil iam Spei s- y7
  • Adam Wallis- y7
  • Liam Marsh- y7
  • Ryan Lawson- y7
  • Nikita Dunlop- y7
  • Kris Scott- y7

We also entered Henry Wilson from North Wheatley primary school. He is currently in year 6 and will be joining us in September. He also achieved a bronze award.

This is a fabulous achievement for all of the above students and we are very proud of them