Yr 7 in Court

As part of the Humanities programme of study, year 7 visited The Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham.

Based at Nottingham’s old courthouse, which dates back to the 14thCentury, and the gaol, which dates back to 1449 the students enjoyed exploring the museum of crime and punishment and experiencing the dungeons and exercise yard. The students also took part in a mock trial, in which some future judges and barristers excelled themselves!

A fantastic and educational day out, thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff alike.

Harry Palfreyman from 7I said “When we went to the Galleries of Justice there were loads of things to do. We got shown all of the real cells, and where prisoners could be executed. All the groups in our year were involved in a mock trial. The whole day was amazing. If anyone has the chance to go; they should take it”