Exam Information

Exam Information

All students in year 10 and 11 were issued with an updated Exam information booklet for 2016-2017 in the autumn term.

A copy of the booklet is available below:

 “Exam info booklet for students 2016-2017”

It is very important that students read through this information and familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations which apply to exams, coursework and controlled assessments, together with equipment required. They should also keep the information safe so they can refer to it during the year.

Additional important information can also be found in the document below regarding student malpractice:

“A Students Guide to Malpractice 2016-2017”

Exam Timetables

Information regarding exam dates for Pre Public Exams (PPE's) and external GCSE exams, will be posted here as they become available, but will just be general date information until exam entries are finalised.

A reminder that students should attend all exams in full school uniform, and come fully equipped with a black pen, pencil and ruler. They will also require a compass and protractor for their Maths exams and a calculator for the Maths calculator paper and all their Science exams.

Staying well hydrated during exams is very important, students are allowed to bring a drink with them to exams, but this must be water only, in a clear plastic bottle with any labels removed.

Exams for the academic year 2016-2017:

March 2017 – Pre Public Exams (PPE’s)

These exams are for Year 11 only and will be for all subjects, core and options as a final practice and assessment opportunity before their external GCSE’s in the summer.

They will run from Monday 6th March until Friday 24th March 2017.

The general timetable for these has been shared with students already and they will be issued with their personal exam timetables which include rooming and seating information, by 18th January.

A final and updated copy of the general timetable for these Pre Public Exams is available below:

“March 2017 Pre Public Exams timetable Yr11 core & options– updated 09/01/2017”


May 2017 – Year 10 Science exams

Year 10 will be sitting 3 practice science exams in early May, these exams are set and marked by the exam board and are an opportunity for students to sit practice exams on the new science specification, and for teachers to track progress of the new qualification.

Dates are:    Biology – Tuesday 2nd May 2017 am

                    Chemistry – Wednesday 3rd May 2017 am

                    Physics – Thursday 4th May2017 am

Summer 2017 – External GCSE’s

The main summer season for external GCSE’s commences on Monday 15th May 2017 and runs till approximately Thursday 22nd June – depending on the subjects students are taking.

Initial entries for the summer GCSE’s take place in February and a provisional student entry timetable will be issued to students in March, with a finalised personal timetable being issued in April.

The overall general timetable for the summer exams is available below for your information:

“Summer 2017 Exam timetable”

Summer 2017 - End of year Pre Public Exams - Year 7, 8 9 & 10.

Yr 7 8 & 9 - English Maths and Science

Yr 10 - English and Maths.

From mid-June through to 30th June 2017 there will be a period of core end of year Pre Public Exams (PPE's) for Years 7 8 9 and 10 students.  Personal exam timetables will be issued in May and a copy of the general exam timetable posted here once it is finalised.

Exam Certificates

Exam certificates were delivered to school in the autumn and were available for former students to collect at the end of November, the certificates were for all qualifications taken during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Certificates are still available to collect but please phone to arrange a convenient collection time with the Exams Officer first.

ID will be required to collect certificates, and remember if collecting on behalf of a student, a signed letter of consent from them must be provided.

Current students had their certificates issued in tutor period in December, if you were absent and still have certificates to collect, please call at the Exams Office at break or lunch to make arrangements for collection.

If you require any further information regarding exam results and certificate collection please contact the Exams Officer using the link at the bottom.


If you require any further information regarding exams please contact the Exams Officer