The focus of our work this term has been raising students’ aspirations. As part of this, we are running Aspire Week which takes place from 24 November. We are collapsing the school timetable from Tuesday and there are a variety of activities planned, both in and out of school.

Family Film Night

Tuesday 25th November - 5:30pm til 8:30pm

Pupils experience what life was like during WW1

Year 5 pupils from the Elizabethan family primary schools took part in a World War 1 themed day at The Elizabethan Academy.

Great Festive Bake Off

Starting Wednesday 19th November - 17th December 4pm til 6pm

The Elizabethan Remembers

The Elizabethan Academy has been paying its own respects to those who laid down their lives in battle this week.

Elizabethan Academy PTA

A small group of parents met with Mr White and Miss Clark this week with a view to launching an Elizabethan Parent Teacher Association. We were joined by a representative of PTA UK, who outlined the steps in setting up a PTA and the potential benefits of having one.

Exam Results 2014

There has been much coverage of the 2014 results and the “volatility” that the exams regulator Ofqual described on results day. As a result, the Government has published various analyses of the national 2014 picture, stressing that a like-for-like comparison with 2013 is difficult.

Oxford Graduation Ceremony

Students at The Elizabethan Academy received their certificates last week for successfully completing a project under the supervision of an Oxford University tutor.