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Please find the new main 'meal of the day' cycle menus, for Spring and Summer 2016, which will start after half term on 18 April* (week one). The main 'meal of the day' prices remain unchanged from last season.

Junior journalists join national News Day

Budding reporters from the Elizabethan Academy's family of schools gathered at the Academy last week to take part in the tenth BBC School Report event.

Runaway Sheep - BBC News Report 2016

More than 100 runaway sheep crushed as they flee from a dog.

Journalist: Gabriella

On Monday afternoon, Farmer Gordon Wyeth was devastated to find only two of his 118 sheep had survived, but one of them was so badly injured that it had to be put down.

This is what happeened to cause 117 sheep to have been crushed to death in a stampede.

A dog had broken the fence to the sheep pen and chased them all to West Dean Estate in Sussex.

Holy Hoax - BBC School Report 2016

Sly Priest Performs Holy Hoax

Journalists: Charlotte, Noah and Callum

 Reverend Sam King, perfoms holy hoax on the streets of Reading.  He went into the open dressed in his work clothes and asked several random people for their phones for a sical experiment.  For the second part of the experiment he dressed as a homeless man to see their reaction when he asked them for thier phones.

Sheep Stampede - BBC School Report

Fleeing sheep crushed to death from scare by dog

Journalist: Josh


Pollution to Hit UK - BBC School Report 2016

Pollution Problems

Journalists: Sam and Denise.

Pollution Problem

Warning!  High air pollution is occuring across the UK!

The elderly and those with lung problems have been told to avoid doing heavy excercise outside.   In some places it is 10 out of 10 on pollution.

Stride for Sturton - BBC School Report 2016

Stupendous Sturton Stride.

Journalists: Hermione and Darcy

Sturton Stride

On the 24th of April, Mark Elliott, Headteacher of Sturton Le Steeple Church of England Primary School is hosting a 5KM run.  For Primary School children to run the race costs £6 and all other entries are £10.  All the money will go to Sturton's new school extension, which will finish approximately around September.