Why should I take a Languages option?

Being able to speak a language will make you really stand out. Using a language at work could raise your salary by between 8 and 20%. You don’t just learn the language, you get to find out about other people, countries and cultures. A GCSE language is required to gain the English Baccalaureate.

Why do employers like Languages?

Studying languages teaches you skills that employers look for: an analytical mind, good thought processes, amazing memory capacity, fantastic cultural and intercultural awareness, good communication and great team skills.

What skills will you develop?

Speaking another language increases your brain capacity and improves your memory! Learning languages helps your creativity, listening skills and self confidence. It also develops literacy and reading skills and improves academic achievement.

Complementary GCSEs

English Language and Literature, ICT, Humanities, Business Studies

Follow up Pathways

AS French, AS Spanish

Possible Careers

Website Designer, Journalist, Engineer, Translator, Interpretor, Teacher