Expressive Arts

Why should I take an Expressive Arts option?

Explore your creativity, expand your mind and express yourself. Develop your self-esteem and self-discipline working as a team. Have an active approach to work and enjoy practical activities.

Why do employers like Expressive Arts?

Expressive Arts graduates think ‘outside the box’.
Artists, Musicians, Actors and Dancers develop high standards of presentation and are good independent learners.
Employers look for cooperative, confident, 
flexible individuals who are able to 
appreciate and empathise each others work.

What skills will you develop?

Creative and thinking skills, teamwork and communication skills

Complementary GCSEs

Media Studies, English, History, Graphics/IT, PE.

Follow up Pathways

  • A Level Drama & Theatre Studies
  • A Level Music

  • A-level Fine Art

  • A Level Dance
  • BTEC level 3 Performing Arts

Possible Careers

  • Higher Education & University
  • Media industry
  • Sound/Recording engineer
  • Architect
  • Theatre Director/Manager
  • Education