Why should I take a Humanities option?

The study of Humanities helps us to make sense of the world around us: its character, its features and its beliefs. It helps us to prepare for future changes in the world.  
It develops important skills for employment such as independent thinking and research skills.
  The recently introduced EBacc qualification recognises the value and importance of these subjects and how they will provide you with the skills needed for future career opportunities.

Why do employers like Humanities?

People who have studied Humanities have proved that they are self-motivated, independent and adaptable thinkers. It shows the ability to use and evaluate information to make informed decisions.
  It improves skills in teamwork, written and spoken communication.

What skills will you develop?

  • Using analytical skills to make informed decisions
  • Self-motivation and independent thinking
Using evidence to support ideas and opinions

Complementary GCSEs

Drama, Languages
, ICT, 
Business Studies.

Follow up Pathways

  • A-level History

  • A-level Geography

  • A-level Sociology

  • A-level Environmental Studies
  • A-level Travel and Tourism
  • A-level Politics
  • AS/A2 Philosophy and Ethics Level 3 courses in Public Services

Possible Careers

  • Law, Environmental management
  • Politics/Government
  • Hazard prediction/management
  • Professional/management
  • Travel Industry
  • Public Sector