Information Technology

Why should I take an IT option?

Practical skills are taught in real life situations. There is a range of creative and academic tasks to challenge you. Employers expect you to be ICT literate; developing these skills in school will help prepare you for your future. You will develop a range of skills that can be used across a number of subjects in a variety of ways.

Why do employers like IT?

ICT skills are used in all aspects of school and work; understanding its capabilities can be used to enhance impact. We live in a technological society where ICT is at the heart of business and industry. Being skilled in this field is a bonus to them. ICT is an ever changing medium and being aware of its potential and how to harness it will be a benefit.

What skills will you develop?

  • Time management
  • Practical skills
  • Confidence and team work

Complementary GCSEs

Business Studies, Media Studies, Art.

Follow up Pathways

Applied ICT (AS/A2), ICT Diploma Level 3

Possible Careers

Software engineer, Hardware/network engineer, Games developer, Programmer, Web designer, and Technical Support.