Art and Design GCSE

Available in: 

It's fun, interesting and you learn new skills. You get the freedom to express your creativity.

Ideal Student: 

Students who enjoy being creative and have a genuine interest in the subject. Those who can work through each part of a project as well as work independently on their own ideas. Students who show an interest in the work of other artists and designers as well as the work of other pupils.

Course Outline: 

GCSE Art starts in September of Year 9 and is completed in late April of Year 11. We cover a broad range of Art and Design disciplines such as: objective and subjective drawing exercises; painting skills and techniques; working on larger scale paintings for more impact and with a variety of painting media such as Acrylics and Oil paints; 3D/Sculpture/Claywork and a practice coursework project (printmaking). In the second half of the course, students have the opportunity to work on their own projects selected from 10 -12 titles.

Teaching and Learning Style: 

Students will take part in a range of learning activities including: creative and thinking skills, independent learning, critical and cultural studies related to art, research and communication skills.


60% Coursework (portfolio) and 40% Linear Exam at the end of the course.

Extra Curricular Opportunities: 

Art trip, lunchtime and after-school clubs, visiting artists where possible. 

Complementary Courses: 

DT, Graphics, Textiles, ICT and History.