Drama GCSE

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Doing the final performance was the most fun I've ever had in an exam!

Ideal Student: 

Creative, outgoing and enthusiastic students.  Students thinking about Drama and Theatre Studies as an option at Key Stage 5. 

Course Outline: 

GCSE Drama is a continuation and development of Drama at key stage 3. It is split into 3 units: Devised Performance, Performing from Text and a Written Examination.

Teaching and Learning Style: 

Students will take part in a range of learning activities including: practical workshops exploring how to create and perform drama, the study of a set Drama text and independent group work in order to create a devised performance. Students will also undertake a practical examination where they will be required to rehearse and perform a script.


Unit 1: Devised Performance (60% of course)- Internally assessed and externally verified. Includes a 15 minute performance and 1500 word written supporting coursework.

Unit 2: Performance from Text (20% of course)-  Observed and marked by a visiting examiner.

Unit 3: Written Examination (20% of course)- Completed during summer exam period under full exam conditions and marked externally.

Extra Curricular Opportunities: 

Opportunities for theatre visits and workshops with professional actors and directors will be provided during the course. School productions and drama groups run throughout the year.

Complementary Courses: 

Media Studies, English, History, Art, Music, Dance, Graphics and ICT.