Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE

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Ideal Student: 

Ideally, Year 8 students would be working securely at a Grade 3 or above by the end of the year. They would have made good progress throughout Key Stage 3 demonstrating strong skills and sound understanding in each of the assessed focus areas in DT, i.e. designing, planning, making and evaluating. In addition, students should have a keen interest in Science and have performed well in it during KS3 as it forms much of the theoretical content of the course.

Course Outline: 

This course is designed to allow students to develop some practical cooking skills in conjunction with the theoretical understanding of food preparation and nutrition. The course is split 50/50 by the written exam and two pieces of controlled assessment. Within each of the controlled assessment tasks, students will undertake a formal practical observed under exam conditions. The written exam will require students to apply knowledge and understanding across a broad range of topics such as the function of ingredients, nutrition and food provenance. 

Teaching and Learning Style: 

Lessons will be structured to allow students to develop both practical and theoretical understanding via a broad range of delivery styles including, teacher demonstrations, independent food investigations, whole class discussion, modelling of high quality exam technique and guidance on effective revision. 


Year 9: Projects which aim to develop basic practical skills whilst gaining understanding of general catering practices.

Year 10: Personalised food investigations which will deepen understanding of the controlled assessment criteria alongside regular testing to improve and embed prior learning.

Year 11:

  • Controlled assessment 1 – 15% of overall grade, to be completed within 10 hours.
  • Controlled assessment 2 – 35% of overall grade, to be completed within 20 hours.
  • Exam – 50% of overall grade. 2 hours in length
Complementary Courses: 

Science, PE