IT Vocational

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Ideal Student: 

Students who want to include a study of technology as part of their broader Key Stage 4 curriculum. It provides an introduction to some of the key themes within the industry, for example enabling students to explore digital devices and the technology that enables them to share and exchange information. Students will develop and apply their knowledge of the sector while also developing a range of relevant practical, technical and creative skills. They will gain a broad understanding and knowledge of the industry and will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in new, practical and creative contexts.

Course Outline: 

The qualification provides students with an engaging and stimulating introduction to the fundamentals of information technology. They have the opportunity to gain the practical and creative skills, knowledge and understanding building from their own experiences of technology and by carrying out projects. They have the opportunity through optional units to extend this learning further to create, test and review digital products, or develop, test and review websites and databases.

The Government are currently revision all ICT qualifications and the final list has not yet been published.  We are therefore waiting to see a more comprehensive list before committing ourselves.  Whatever we decide to offer it will give our students the opportunity to develop their skills in a range of software titles in order to solve or address given scenarios.

Teaching and Learning Style: 

Students will take part in a range of learning activities including: active learning, group work, independent work, discussion and coursework.


There will be a vinal exam as well as assessed coursework - the mark allocation will vary from course to course and so cannot confirm this at this stage.

Extra Curricular Opportunities: 

Leadership opportunities through after school classes.

Complementary Courses: 

This course will go particularly well alongside GCSEs in EBacc subjects (including the sciences, computer science), GCSEs in D&T, Art, Psychology and/or other Technical Awards Art, Design & Technology, Maths.  Skills learned through this option will support our A level courses and are a natural progression route.