Performing Arts BTEC (Dance)

Available in: 

Dance is great fun and a good way to stay fit and healthy.  We have learnt to dance in a lot of different styles and how to choreograph our own dance!

Ideal Student: 

Ideal for creative students with a strong interest in the subject with successful participation in extra curricular activities or out of school dance classes.

Course Outline: 

A 3 year course - including research, choreography and solo/duet/group performances. Students will be given the opportunity to perform in a variety of dance styles.

Teaching and Learning Style: 

Students will take part in a range of learning activities including: practical performances and recordings (video), written diary/log and research.


Performances will be assessed at Dance Shows in March/April of each year and additionally there will be external assessments in year 11.

Extra Curricular Opportunities: 

Lunchtime and after school clubs with the potential to participate in events, concerts and explore vocational opportunities.

Complementary Courses: 

Music, Drama, Art, PE and Performing Arts.