Psychology GCSE

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Ideal Student: 

• Students with a genuine interest in people’s behaviour and who want to understand what is going on in the world around them.
• Students that enjoy doing practical work and engaging in class discussion.
• Students projected to achieve at least a grade 6 in core subjects.

Course Outline: 

The course is divided into two units.

  • In May/June, students will sit two examinations (one exam for each unit). Each exam is 1 hour 45 minutes and is worth 50% of the GCSE final grade.
  • Unit 1 (cognition and behaviour) involves studying topics such as: memory, perception, development and research methods.
  • Unit 2 (social context and behaviour) involves studying topics such as: social influence, language, thought, communication, brain and neuropsychology, and psychological problems.
Teaching and Learning Style: 

• Students will take part in a range of learning activities including discussions, group work, written work and practical investigations. Students will be expected to actively engage in lesson.


• 2 x 1hour 30 minute exams.

Complementary Courses: 

• Sciences, Sociology, Health & Social Care