Spanish GCSE

Available in: 

I enjoy learning languages and the way the lessons are structured.  I also love learning about how other countries communicate.

Ideal Student: 

Students who understand the importance of developing their linguistic and cultural understanding. Students who enjoy the challenge of communicating in another language. Students who are interested in developing and deepening their knowledge of other cultures. 

Course Outline: 

You will study themes from the following three contexts: Theme 1 - Identity and culture.  Theme 2 - Local, national, international and global areas of interest and Theme 3 - Current and future study and employment.

Teaching and Learning Style: 

Students will take part in a range of learning activities including: listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as acquiring a deeper understanding of the culture. A range of personal, learning and thinking skills which are essential to success in life, learning and work are also covered. 


There are 3 terminal exams in the summer of the final year.  Paper 1 is Listening and is worth 25%.  Paper 2 is Speaking and is worth 25%.  Paper 3 is Reading and is worth 25% and Paper 4 is Writing and is also worth 25%.

Extra Curricular Opportunities: 

Study trip to the Costa Brava. One day student conference in Sheffield or Manchester. Outside speakers from University of Nottingham. Lunch-time and after-school clubs. 

Complementary Courses: 

Art, History, Geography.